Project Imprimis

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3D FPS destroyable world shooter

Imprimis is a multiplayer first person shooter that focuses on tactical gameplay. Players can change the world they play in whether to create fortifications to increase their defensive ability or to destroy cover possessed by the enemy. Imprimis is an open source game built on the Libprimis engine. All assets used to create the game are likewise open sourced. With many modern features, including realtime deferred shading, volumetric lighting, and tone mapping support, Libprimis' core is fast, capable, modern, and fully open sourced. All this combines to make an engine that allows for an unprecedented ability to manipulate a vibrant and dynamic world using simple, accessible semantics.

Destroy and build the level to modify the playing field to your advantage, and play against other players online using the integrated server interface.

Built on the fast and fully dynamic Libprimis engine, Imprimis is capable of fully realtime lighting effects to go along with its realtime world modification.


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